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This is a central application and registry for all families seeking licensed child care spaces in the District of Thunder Bay.
Notice to Families: Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement (CWELCC) Update
As you may know, Ontario entered into a CWELCC agreement which delivers savings and relief to families. While we are all very pleased there is an agreement, it will take some time to work through the steps of implementing it in our District. TBDSSAB is committed to doing so as quickly as possible.
Please keep in mind the CWELCC is only applicable to children who are under 6 years of age (children who turn 6 before June 30th are eligible until June 30th).
Some key points for this stage of the process for families currently enrolled with a licensed child care provider:
• Initial child care fee reduction will happen if your licensed child care provider enrolls in the new system. No application is necessary by the parents or guardians.
• These initial reductions will be retroactive to April 1, 2022.
• Your child care provider will be in touch with you to inform you of whether or not they plan to enter an agreement for the CWELCC program.
For families not currently enrolled in child care:
If you have a current application, please remember to log in to confirm your information to stay active on the waitlist. Email reminders are also sent intermittently to keep your account active.
If you are interested in child care and do not have an active application, please create an account or log into your existing account, and create a new application.


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